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Take online personality test for free. When you apply for a job , the details will be shared to recruiters for free!!



Take online aptitude test for free. When you apply for a job , the details will be shared to recruiters for free!!

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The problem of screening hundreds of candidates is solved

Received PRESCREENED candidate to your ATS dashboard. Our simple process of screening candidate is very effective. Joblrs automatic candidate screening process perform following tests online and provide employer with top candidate.

1. Aptitude test 2. Personality test 3. Job skill test


The problem of managing multiple recruitment team at different location is no more a point of worry for recruitment agency

In Joblrs platform recruiter can add multiple team and monitor their performance.


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What is Joblrs?

Joblrs is an all-in-one recruitment software where you can post jobs, review applications, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews and hire, all at once place. Joblrs is the most easiest applicant tracking system and professional level CV built up software.

Is my data is safe?

Yes , we have implemented SSL certificate on the site for your data project. However we recommend not to share any sensitive personal information’s with employer or recruiter.

What is an application tracking system?

An Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a cloud-based program whose basic function is to electronically automate the job posting, filtering applications, shortlisting, interview scheduling and hiring process.

Is Joblrs GDMR compliance?

No, we are not GDMR compliance at the movement however we aim to achieve soon.

How to post a Job on Joblrs?

Sign up on Joblrs and once your account is verified, click on “Post Jobs”, enter Job Title, Job Description, Required Skills, and other details. Then click on “Post Job”. Your job will be automatically posted.

Can I share jobs opening on social networks?

Yes, you can share jobs on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks to get maximum exposure for your open positions.

How will I get notified if someone has applied to my job opening?

When an applicant applies to your job opening, you can check the application on your Joblrs dashboard under “Applications”.

How can I check/track candidates who have applied?

Under “Applications” you’ll see the list of candidates who have applied for your company’s various open positions. To check the information of a candidate, click on “View Detail”, and you’ll see all the information of the candidate including name, experience, and other details with CV.

How can I shortlist applicants?

Once you click on “View Details” of a particular applicant. You can shortlist the applicant from the option and the candidate will automatically be moved to “Shortlisted Candidates” section.

Manage recruiter team?

This is our unit feature on the Joblrs. Employer and recruitment manager can create a team of recruiter for different department or companies to manage job recruitment. Also employer can review their performance on weekly and monthly basis.